A lover of all things vintage. Sharing this passion by offering fabulous vintage items from my heart to yours.

Where to start!
As a lover of all things vintage I started off creating vintage inspired hair and wedding accessories about 5 years ago. This led me to Etsy! I had a small shop, where I could share my love of repurposing items to give them another life.
Fast forward to welcoming our beautiful daughter into the world. I loved dressing her in all the classics; knitted sweaters, bonnets, and frilly dresses. I found it was hard to find the items I so cherished that were a reasonable price and still in wearable condition. That's where my fun began! Buying lots and going through peoples storage units. Scouring the racks at garage sales for those pieces that told a story. They may just need some love but they get that then are ready to shine again.
Clothing has changed over the years, but when I find those pieces a grandmother made for a grandchild or a style I remember seeing in an old sewing pattern it awakens the creativity and excitement in me, as I hope it does for you.

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